This course includes instruction in how the respiratory system functions, causes of respiratory problems, effects of respiratory hazards, safety practices, inspection procedures, types of respiratory safety equipment, individual fit testing, mock drills and written examination.  It enables your personnel to become familiar with the breathing apparatus they would use if an emergency were to arise in your workplace.  Quantitative fit testing available.


Course Contents:

  • Respiratory Hazards in the Workplace
    • Oxygen Deficiency
    • Elevated Temperatures
    • Smoke
    • Toxic Gases


  • Limitations and Capabilities of the SCBA
    • Work Times
    • Small Portal Entry
    • Physical Stresses
    • How Improper Fit, Usage or Maintenance Can Compromise the Protective Effect of the SCBA


  • Care and maintenance of the SCBA
    • Cleaning After Each Use
      • Face-piece
      • Tank and Harness Assembly
    • Periodic inspection and Care
    • Proper Storage


  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
    • Donning the Breathing Apparatus
      • Over-The-Head Method
      • The Coat Method
    • Donning the Face-piece
      • Positive and Negative Pressure Seal Checks of the Face-piece
    • Simulated Emergency Conditions


Federal Regulation:            29 CFR 1910.134



Time allotment:                              4 Hours

Capacity:                                         Up to 12 people