This program will teach students how to act in an emergency, when emergency oxygen is needed, and how to administer oxygen to conscious and unconscious patients.

Emergency Oxygen

Class Materials Include:
Course Topics Include:
Meets Regulation Requirements:
  • Oxygen Admin. certification Card
  • Oxygen Admin. Manual for each student
  • Demonstration of your company’s EO2 Unit
  • 2 year access code to online refresher training
  • How to react in an Emergency
  • Contacting 911
  • Signs and Symptoms of Hypoxia
  • Administration of Emergency Oxygen to a conscious and unconscious patient.
  • FDA Requirements
  • Treatment for Shock
  • Servicing and Maintenance for Emergency Oxygen
  • Legal Issues
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Skills and knowledge testing
  • 29 CPR 1910.151
  • 29 CFR 1010.1030
  • 37 FR 5504