Training includes recognition of unresponsive victims and the need for an AED. Course covers Victims of all ages; Infant, Child, and Adult. Hands on Practice with an AED trainer specific to your organizations AED.


Class Materials Include:
Course Topics Include:
Meets Regulation Requirements:
  • AED certification Card
  • AED Manual for each student
  • AED Training Machine Practice
  • 2 year access code to online refresher training
  • How to react in an Emergency
  • Contacting 911
  • Overview of the AED and its use
  • The Chain of survival
  • Medical and legal issues
  • The AED/CPR algorithm
  • Preparing and managing the an AED event
  • AED Troubleshooting
  • Service, and Maintenance
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Skills and knowledge testing
  • 37 FR 5504
  • 29 CFR 1010.1030