“While working on his machine, a Press Operator, noticed that a fellow Press Operator was slowly bending down and appeared to be looking at something on the machine. Something didn’t seem right to him, so he walked over to talk to his coworker and saw that he had passed out beside the press and was unconscious. The department supervisor was notified and began to assess the situation and called the other First Response Team Members to action. Another supervisor and First Responder called 911. Another Supervisor and First Responder took the employee’s pulse and found there was a pulse. A few seconds passed and the employee stopped breathing and when the supervisor took his pulse again, there was no pulse. One of the supervisors immediately got the onsite AED. A coworker and Press Assistant Operator, came to assist by providing the CPR breaths, as the Supervisor started the chest compressions. After receiving the AED, the supervisor opened the unit and proceeded to shave the employee’s chest and connect the evaluation pads just as outlined in the AED training. The AED machine advised a shock. The supervisor told everyone to stand clear and after the shock was delivered the supervisor later said “I could see his heart start beating again”. By this time, the EMTs arrived at the plant and took over the CPR as the employee was transported to the hospital by ambulance. The employee’s doctor confirmed that the training and quick action of his coworkers saved his patients life. An awards dinner was held at the plant, the CPR / AED Trainer was present, each of the First Responders was given a plaque for recognition of their service and the employee’s mother came to the plant to thank each of them for saving her son’s life. The employee had a difficult eight month recovery period, however, he is back at work with perfect attendance and doing a great job.”

Paul L. KeelJr. Human Resources Manager Graphic Flexible Packaging Kansas City, MO / Quincy, IL

"Shortly after becoming employed at LifeSafe, I sold an AED to a large New York City based company. A few days after shipment, I received a voicemail from the client indicating I needed to call him right away about the AED. I assumed it was in regards to the unit not being received and called the client right away. I was in shock to learn from my contact that just a day after the arrival of the AED, a man entering the lobby collapsed of a heart attack! My contact used the AED he had just received and SAVED HIS LIFE. That was when my position here at LifeSafe became very real to me. WE HELP SAVE LIVES, & WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY."

"February 15th, 2011, Mark Cross came to Crowell, Weedon & Co. and trained our staff in CPR. I wanted to let you know that Saturday, May 28th I saved a man’s life at Home Depot. I want to thank LifeSafe, Crowell, Weedon and especially our instructor Mark Cross for his incredible knowledge and ability to train in CPR. My daughter also work’s with me at Crowell, Weedon and took the class. She has been certified 6 times and said that Mark was the best instructor she has ever had. At the end of the training, our staff shared with each other that we all felt confident and would not be afraid to perform CPR if the situation presented itself.""A 65 year old man was lying on the ground shaking. I ran over and put my hand under is head to protect it from the concrete floor. Seconds later, his heart stopped. At that moment, everything Mark taught me came quickly to my head and I began CPR. I yelled to my husband to call 911. The song, “Staying alive” came to my head (which Mark played during the class) and I asked a bystander to count to 30 for me. After 3 rounds of 30 chest compressions, the man took a breath. I rolled him to his side and moments later I heard the sirens!Please pass this on to LifeSafe and Mark Cross for a job well done in CPR training!"

Peggy MacIsaacBranch Administrator Crowell, Weedon & Co. Santa Barbara, Ca.

"When making service courtesy calls, I had the pleasure of speaking with James Ivory at Bloomfield Country Club. James wanted me to pass on to upper management what an outstanding Service Specialist that Benny Black is. He is always professional, informative, eager to please and projects an outstanding reflection for LifeSafe Services. Thank you"


"I received only positive feedback from attendees of the two class training sessions. Informative, the pace of the training was good, but most of all, kudos to the trainer. They said that he made the class interesting and presented it in such a way that the information was easily understood. We would definitely want him to conduct future training sessions.Thank you"


"We had Suzanne Vietri as our instructor for the professional CPR class at Dow Chemical on Monday, June 25. We have had Suzanne for other previous CPR classes as well. She consistently comes to our sites on time and prepared. She always conducts herself in a professional manner.However as students we are most grateful for her ability to teach CPR and apply the skills to real life scenarios. This is a gift. We are grateful for her talents and skills as an instructor."

"I just wanted to tell you I’ve received great response back from our First Responders on the training they received from Instructor Lisa Varga. They said she was not only the most informative trainer they’ve had, but also kept the training session interesting from start to finish. Please convey our thanks to her and we look forward to future training sessions with SOS."

"I wanted to let you know that the CPR/First Aid training that we had on Saturday, 2/18 was a great class. My certification does not expire until next year, so I didn’t attend this class, however I talked to the people who did attend and they all really enjoyed the class. They all said that it was not boring and the Instructor Phil Gibson was excellent. He was very informative, talked about real life incidents and the DVD training material he used was excellent. We had the same instructor last year when I took the training and we all thought he was a real good instructor. I’m hoping that we can get him for our future training classes. If you can, please note that in our file or I will request him the next time I schedule this training."

"I wanted to thank you for EXCELLENT service from your company to ours. Lori Davis (Service Specialist) is wonderful and has been extremely helpful in handling our account AND with the safety training we had this morning at our safety committee meeting."

American Thermoplastic Company.