Kansas City – Training Saves a Life

November 3, 2010


Graphic Packaging’s Kansas City Multi-wall Bag Plant CPR and AED Training Saves A Life

“While working on his machine, a Press Operator, noticed that a fellow Press Operator was slowly bending down and appeared to be looking at something on the machine.  Something didn’t seem right to him, so he walked over to talk to his coworker and saw that he had passed out beside the press and was unconscious.  The department supervisor was notified and began to assess the situation and called the other First Response Team Members to action.  Another supervisor and First Responder called 911.  Another Supervisor and First Responder took the employee’s pulse and found there was a pulse.  A few seconds passed and the employee stopped breathing and when the supervisor took his pulse again, there was no pulse.  One of the supervisors immediately got the onsite AED.  A coworker and Press Assistant Operator, came to assist by providing the CPR breaths, as the Supervisor started the chest compressions.  After receiving the AED, the supervisor opened the unit and proceeded to shave the employee’s chest and connect the evaluation pads just as outlined in the AED training.  The AED machine advised a shock.  The supervisor told everyone to stand clear and after the shock was delivered the supervisor later said “I could see his heart start beating again”.  By this time, the EMTs arrived at the plant and took over the CPR as the employee was transported to the hospital by ambulance.   The employee’s doctor confirmed that the training and quick action of his coworkers saved his patients life.   An awards dinner was held at the plant, the CPR / AED Trainer was present, each of the First Responders was given a plaque for recognition of their service and the employee’s mother came to the plant to thank each of them for saving her son’s life.  The employee had a difficult eight month recovery period, however, he is back at work with perfect attendance and doing a great job.”


Paul L. Keel, Jr.
Human Resources Manager
Graphic Flexible Packaging
Kansas City, MO / Quincy, IL

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