AED Safety Placement Guidelines


  • Areas where the largest number of people are present.
  • Near people with a history of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest.)
  • Areas difficult for EMS to get to. IE: confined spaces, tall buildings, and remote locations.
  • Hazards such as high electric voltage.

  • Medical equipment needs to be highly visible.
  • Place it near expected responders such as security guards, lifeguards and first aid stations.
  • Must be easily accessible, even on 3rd shifts.
Using the 3 to 4 minute goal of the AHA do one of the following:

  • Use a stopwatch and walk for 1 ½ minutes. This assumes the responder needs to walk to the AED/O2/FA supplies, and return with the equipment. Some facilities will radio for help; in those cases a 3 minute direct walk should be sufficient.
  • Knowing that the average person walks 300 feet per minute, measure out 450 feet from each first aid station location. Or, if they radio for help, 900 feet.